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5 paragraph essay

5 paragraph essays form a significant part of students’ life. Whether you are in High School or College, composing essay is something that you do regularly. A 5 paragraph essay isn’t in anyway different from other essays. It’s rather short and consists of specific features. Presenting your arguments clearly and in a way that creates a lasting impression is all you need to do.

Below are tips that can help you grasp the vital basics of writing a 5-paragraph essay.

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5 paragraph Essay Outline

In as much as getting efficient content for your essay isn’t a big deal in most cases, the problem comes in when you are unsure of the actual format of your essay. Confusions regarding 5 paragraph essay outline will put you in a constant state of procrastination. You’ll keep hoping to come up with a better way to structure your essay. Regardless, this should never worry you.

A basic essay consists of three essential parts. These are the introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs.

The Introduction Paragraph

This marks the opening of the essay. It informs the audience about the topic, including intriguing them to continue reading as well as grabbing their attention. Considering the above, the introduction paragraph must include a hook, brief description of the essay and a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs allow the author to describe the essential components of the essay. These are the subtopics highlighted in the thesis statement. Each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that sheds light on what the paragraph is about.

Another important aspect of body paragraphs are firm arguments. Solid arguments imply stating your point and backing it with credible sources. That said, you’re obligated to support your claim by secondary work. Make sure that your audience can easily locate the additional sources for further analysis.


Conclusion forms the last part of a 5 paragraph essay. This paragraph provides a brief statement that summarizes the main points highlighted in the body paragraphs. It also implies a restatement of the thesis and giving readers a sense of closure.

Keeping in mind the essential components of a 5 paragraph essay ensures a smooth process when writing your paper.

5 paragraph Essay Introduction

Writing an intriguing introduction is the primary aim of anyone endeavoring to work on a 5 paragraph essay. Since this marks the beginning the essay, the goal shouldn’t focus on introducing the subject matter, but grabbing the reader’s attention, making a claim and expressing the main argument.

Considering the weight of an introduction paragraph, you’re recommended to begin with, a hook. The hook helps the audience visualize what the essay aims at. You can create a hook by asking an intriguing question, stating a clear fact or describing a phenomenon.

What follows are brief statements that explain the main topic. These statements not only elaborate the hook but prepare the reader for the thesis statement. They consist of several sentences, depending on the requirements of your prompt.

The thesis statement comes last. It describes the particular assertion, as elaborated in the preceding sentences. A standard thesis statement includes at most three subtopics. These subtopics represent the three distinct arguments that are later examined in the body paragraphs.

What are five Parts of an Essay?

Structuring the paper in such a way that it explains the subject matter clearly is a fundamental part of essay writing. While convincing the readers isn’t an easy task, it’s a critical component. It’s through the tiniest details that the audience gets a new energy every time they are obligated to read a new concept in the paper. In that regard, keeping your readers interested necessitates dividing the essay in five parts, as discussed below.

The Introduction

The introduction forms the foundation of the essay. It’s consists of an opening statement (the hook), supporting sentences and a thesis statement.

The primary focus at this stage pertains to keeping the readers glued to the text to the end. And creativity goes a long way in attracting the audience. A creative opening not only grabs readers’ attention but also keeps them wanting more.

What next?

Supporting arguments come afterward to reinforce the highlighted topic. These arguments connect to the opening statement and create a paradox that is answered by the thesis statement.

Finally, the thesis statement confirms the already stated arguments in a rather clear and concise manner. It’s also the section where the author argues for or against the proposed topic.

Considering the above guideline, drafting an outstanding introduction paragraph shouldn’t be challenging. All you need is to be direct, concise and avoid verbosity.

The First Body Paragraph

What follows the introduction paragraph is the first body paragraph. The paragraph begins with the main argument, one that proves the thesis statement. Aim at using a detailed description of related opinions to explain your argument t. Consequently, design the last sentence in such a way that it easily transitions to the second body paragraph.

The Second Body Paragraph

This paragraph describes the second-best argument. It connects to the first body paragraph to clarify the thesis statement. Regardless, the major work lies at presenting and supporting the opening statement with further examples. This paragraph must end with a transition sentence that connects to the third paragraph.

The Third Body Paragraph

Also, the last body paragraph, this paragraph carries the weakest argument. In as much as it doesn’t carry a lot of weight, the paragraph is still significant since it helps to explain the thesis statement. In that regard, you are obligated to structure it similar to the preceding paragraphs.

Conclusion Paragraph

This is the last paragraph. It restates the essay’s thesis statement. The restatement summarizes the three primary arguments raised in the body paragraphs. However, this is not all; the author may provide an unbiased argument/opinion regarding the topic discussed. The argument might include something that triggers the audience to think past what the essay explores.

Supporting Arguments of a 5 Paragraph Essay

When it comes to supporting the argument, the first probable concern relates to locating credible sources. Think of these sources as mini-papers with concepts that prove the main idea. Focus on identifying substantial concepts that relate to the subject matter and interpret them accordingly in defending your argument. Alternatively, using direct quotes where necessary is a clear way to justify your argument.

Body Paragraph of Five-Paragraph Essay

The body paragraph of a five paragraph essay explains or describes one of the subtopics you have stated in the thesis statement. The idea is portrayed in a structured manner and includes:

  1. Writing the main idea in the form of a topic sentence. For example, if the main idea is “reducing hypertension rates,” the statement could be put in this manner, “hypertension rates in Arizona can be reduced by creating awareness of the condition.”
  2. What follows is proving how creating awareness can reduce or eliminate the condition in the specific locality. Describe several approaches that clarify the “how” of informing the community of the health issue.
  3. End the paragraph by summarizing the main idea and transitioning to the next section.

5 Paragraph Essay Conclusion

Ideally, the final paragraph in a 5 paragraph essay is a conclusion paragraph. This paragraph summarizes the main points and restates the main argument. While restating the main points is a must, take caution to avoid repeating examples or arguments raised in the body paragraphs. In other words, the conclusion does nothing but leave a lasting impression on the audience.

So, how can you structure the conclusion paragraph?

  1. Use the first sentence to restate the thesis, also the supporting claims examined in the body paragraphs.
  2. The next sentences serve to explain how the main points can develop further questions that need answering.
  3. The last sentence includes a final pondering on what’s next regarding the main subject under discussion.

These components form an essential part of a solid conclusion. It’s important to take them into account when writing a 5 paragraph essay.

5 Paragraph Essay Topics

Writing a 5 paragraph essay is not a mere arrangement of the 5 paragraphs. It extends to selecting a suitable topic for your essay. The topic is significant in creating a clear picture of the paper. That means that how you go about crafting your topic or choosing one matters a lot in grabbing the readers’ attention.

Choosing an ideal topic doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is information regarding the objective of your essay. Below are some excellent examples of 5 paragraph essay topics:

  • Factors that promote cohabitation
  • Implications of global climate changes
  • How gender discrimination manifests in sports
  • Why domestic violence is on the rise
  • Benefits of prenatal vaccination among pregnant women

5 Paragraph Essay Examples

Whether or not you are adept about writing 5 paragraph essays, reviewing different samples of the same is inevitable. Some excellent examples of 5 paragraph essay include:

  1. Why study Shakespeare?
  2. A cat is a man’s best friend
  3. The benefits of regular exercise

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Bottom Line

Use these tips to come up with an excellent 5 paragraph essay. This way you can earn a decent grade and graduate. You can also buy custom 5 paragraph essay written by our Ph.D. and masters essay writer. support is available 24/7. Good luck!

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