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500 word essay

500 word essay sounds essay, especially with the low number of words. It is a common assignment that every student should learn how to write. The fact that it’s a short essay where you must include everything makes it a challenge to write. The short essay is not a blessing; it’s a curse that most students do not identify at first glance. However, all is not lost; what you need are tips, examples, and the format. By doing this, you get familiar with the essay’s peculiarities and demands. Read on for more how to write a 500-word essay.

How to Write a 500 Words Essay?

Most students underestimate a 500-word essay and leave it up to the last minute. This is the biggest mistake you can ever make. You are left with no time to write quality work, end up copy pasting and using research that is not good enough and some deliver the work late. Without much time, you cannot read examples written by other writers and can only scan one through one or two. Here are some tips to help you how when writing a 500-word essay.

  • Start by choosing the topic carefully. Most of these types of essays do not have topic restrictions. If your teacher has not specified any, feel free to choose what interests you, or stirs your inner fire. Such a topic is easy to discuss and write about. But, be sure to research and write engaging points that are important to hook your reader and keep the reading.
  • Research on the topic. After you have identified the topic, you want to discuss, its time to research and come up with credible information from academically acceptable sources. You can check in libraries or online, and remember you have to cite them all and insert them properly in your text.
  • Feel free to use your writing style. However, be unique as you share your view regarding a specific topic with the world. Give details regarding your points and use vivid, but interest language.
  • Allow your voice to be audible enough. The words you choose to use in the essay determine how you sound. With hundreds of essays being submitted daily, only the high-quality ones can stand out. Generate unusual and brave ideas while being loud enough for your audience.
  • Take enough time to proofread and edit your essay. Never overlook this step and assume your work is flawless. Typos, grammar, and other errors are easy to make as you write. So, make a point of re-reading or asking someone to do it for you to remove all imperfections before submitting your essay.
  • Avoid plagiarism, such as copying other people’s words and ideas. Most teachers can easily detect copied work, and you, therefore, should come up with your ideas. Despite reading these essay examples, come up with your original ideas, and write a paper that has not been written before.

How long is a 500-word essay?

Students find it hard to believe that the 500-word essay is that short. However, it’s real though you have to follow a specific format, style, and structure. The way you tailor this essay determines the outcome of your work.

Use a word processor that can calculate and let you know the number of words in your essay. Being so short, students usually exceed length with about 100 words. It is also acceptable to write the essay with less than 40 or 30 words as long as everything falls into place.

How Many Pages is 500 Word Essay?

The pages in this essay depend on what you choose to use between single and double spaces. For doubles spaces combined with a 12 pt font size, you will end up with one and a half pages. For single space, it will be one page only.

How Do You Write A 500 Word Essay Fast?

Writing a 500-word essay takes about one and minutes. However, this is only possible for seasoned writers. So how do you write the essay fast despite not having rich experience? Here are some steps that you should follow.

500 Word Essay Outline

Creating an outline is the first step toward writing your essay fast. This is a skeleton with general points worth discussing under your topic. However, make it open, with hints and points that will guide you eventually write the article.

500 Word Essay Introduction

In the introduction, provide a brief description of your subject. Only include the points you will discuss in the essay body. Choose words carefully and skilfully to give your reader a precise direction. The beauty of an essay is seen in the introduction part, so make it appealing to invite people to proceed on and read the rest.

500-Word Essay Body

This is the central part of your 500-word essay. Here you discuss all points fully. Every opinion that you state must be based on solid ground and supported by valuable back up such as data, statistics and facts from reliable sources for academically acceptable insight.

500 Word Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of the short essay. It is important due to different reasons. One of them is that it points back to the thesis while speaking to the reader directly and inspiring them to either join your side or keep researching on the topic. But, always make it short. Like, the other paragraphs, your conclusion should not have more than 125 words in a 500-word essay.

Essay Style

Every person has a unique writing style and you will approach a subject in your words that make your work outstanding. As long as you choose to be original, your work becomes incomparable and nothing close to any of the many 500-word essay examples available online. However, to make your essay more interesting, be descriptive and avoid unnecessary hype and poetry.

Read the Essay as If You Not the Author

Once you are done with writing, read the essay. Do it as if you checking on someone else’s work to help you identify mistakes easily. Read it loudly and listen to how it flows, does it achieve the intended goal and is comprehensible?


Use various tools and software systems to check for any traces of plagiarism in your essay. You should avoid any copying and minimize quotes as much as possible. Be careful with plagiarism as its waters down your essay leading to a low score. If you cannot explain an opinion without copying some terms, avoid such points in your article. Go for those you can account for and write an essay without copying other people’s work.

500-Word Essay Length

The length of the essay is slightly lower or higher than what its name states. It is also between one and two pages depending on the spacing you choose to use. Your document set up can also affect document pages, but its length in terms of words remains the same.

500 Word Essay Format

This essay is also known as a short essay. Every paragraph can have between 75 and 125 words. The content has to be dense and precise; no room for extended descriptions and explanations. Here is how you structure the essay:

  • A brief introduction that establishes your thesis while introducing your topic and points to be discussed in the essay.
  • Between 4 and 6 paragraphs where you state opinions and provide evidence to back them. Each paragraph must flow smoothly from one point to the other.
  • Conclusion that takes the reader back to the thesis and essay body. Be brief and try to write a 500-word essay and not more than that.

500-Word Essay Example

The topic, style and structure of a 500-word essay differ based on the subject. Your professor will let you know what is expected from you, but still, it may not be easy. This is why you should check out essay examples to help you understand how to write a 500-word essay. Look for examples related to your field and write down useful tips that you note as you read. Examples of 500-word essays help you overcome the fear of writing this paper and you get started as soon as possible.

Sample 500 word essay

A sample comes in handy when obtained from a reliable website. Look for academic writing sites with these essays because they usually show you how a perfect 500 word essay looks like. Take as much time you can to check out different samples. It helps you practice and gain skills on how to handle this paper.

However, if you are feeling overwhelmed with no time to apply these tips and ideas provided in this article to write your essay, look for assistance. This is not an essay to write with an exhausted mind. Every sentence should be gold; redundancy is not allowed at all. Avoid wordiness or drifting two irrelevant ideas, instead focus on providing crisp and precise points.

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