100 Compare and contrast essay topics and ideas

compare and contrast topics

Coming up with compare and contrast essay topics is a common in schools. It allows you to hone your writing skills and expand your creativity. Besides, this essay also enables you to analyze things better since you have to evaluate different items.

Avoid being hasty when writing compare and contrast essay topics. Take time to look for an ideal topic. Your instructor may give you some great ideas. But even if they don’t, you can find your own. Make sure you are comfortable with the subject you are handling. This will allow you to give the assignment your best. Below are insights about best compare and contrast essay topics and ideas in 2019 and beyond.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays are papers that examine the similarities and differences between two or more concepts. They are different from the cause and effect essays. When your tutor asks you to write such essays, they are testing how well you can make a connection between themes, concepts, or ideas.

College lecturers also want you to understand the best points to use when comparing and contrasting to earn a better grade. You have to identify their relationship with each other and the qualities that make them unique.

How to write a compare and contrast essay?

Don’t start writing your compare and contrast paper immediately your instructor asks you to. Instead, make a plan to ensure that yours is the best essay. As you do it, here are some useful tips that you can consider:

Compare and contrast essay outline

With an outline, you can comfortably write your compare and contrast essay. It provides your paper’s skeleton. It allows you to organize your thoughts and points. Then, you are less likely to encounter any problems when working on your paper.

Remember that the outline guides you when writing your essay. Therefore, avoid making any mistakes. If you do, you might write a paper full of flaws.

Your compare and contrast essay outline should have the paper’s structure. It must include:

An introduction

This is the first and the most important part of your academic paper. It must have a hook to grab your target audience’s attention. Also, make it captivating by using great language and tone. If your reader doesn’t like your introduction, they might not finish reading your paper.

In this section, elaborate on your topic so that the audience knows what your paper entails. Remember to write your thesis statement at the end of it. It must be clear, precise, and powerful. Make sure that your main points are tailored to support it.

The body

This is the part where you get to defend your arguments. If you want to write the perfect body, have a list outlining the similarities and differences between the subjects you are comparing and contrasting. You can also make a chart or a Venn diagram, depending on what you find most convenient.

You should have three or more body paragraphs. Each of them should carry a single similarity or difference. Make sure you use transitions so that your essay can be more coherent. To show comparison, consider words like also, likewise, both, similarly and just like. For contrast, you can use words that include but, whereas, on the other hand, on the contrary, however, while and in contrast.

When possible, use examples to explain your points. They will make it easier for your instructor to understand your arguments. They might also earn you some extra points and help you score a better grade.


Conclude your paper by restating your thesis statement. This reminds the audience about the purpose of your compare and contrast essay. Also, be precise. The last thing you should do is bore your reader at the end of your essay. You will disappoint them.

Edit and proofread your work

You may have made typos or grammatical mistakes when writing your essay. It is also easy to repeat points without knowing. Therefore, edit your work after you have finished writing. Do it slowly so that you can notice all the errors you may have made. Then, read it aloud to make sure that it flows and confirm that it is perfect.

Seek second party opinion

Before submitting your compare and contrast essay, you can ask your friend to go through it first. It might seem like a waste of time, but they can quickly identify mistakes that you may have overlooked.

Best compare and contrast essay topics

Here are some topics that you can consider for your compare and contrast essay:

  1. Pop music vs. country music
  2. Freelancing vs. working from an office
  3. Comparison of Obama’s and Trump’s leadership
  4. Compare the American and British English
  5. Provide a comparison of written and speech language
  6. Coffee vs. tea: which one is better?
  7. Using public transport vs. using private transport
  8. Public vs. private universities
  9. Extroverts vs. introverts
  10. Television vs. newspapers
  11. Compare fiction and non-fiction books
  12. Texting vs. calling
  13. What is the comparison between cheating in exams and plagiarizing content?
  14. Android vs. IOS
  15. Smartphone games, computer games or video games
  16. Facebook vs. Instagram
  17. Comparing music and math classes
  18. Traditional learning vs. online learning
  19. Being an actor vs. being a writer
  20. Compare being poor and being rich

Good Compare and contrast essay topics for college

If you are working on a compare and contrast essay for the first time, you should pick easy topics to write about. Below are some examples:

  1. Comedy movies vs. horror movies
  2. Compare vegetables and fruits
  3. Capitalism vs. communism
  4. Benefits of cash vs. credit cards
  5. Compare mammals and amphibians
  6. American Idol vs. America’s Got Talent
  7. High school vs. university
  8. Vampires vs. witches
  9. Bicycle vs. motorcycle
  10. New vs. antique
  11. Fresh vs. dried fruit
  12. Sharks vs. whales
  13. Yellow vs. green
  14. Plastic bags vs. paper bags
  15. Movies vs. books

Easy compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Compare eating and sleeping
  2. Giving gifts vs. receiving gifts
  3. Living on a farm vs. living in a city
  4. Compare the life of an elderly and that of a young person
  5. Doing your laundry vs. washing your dishes
  6. A dog for a pet vs. a pig
  7. Visiting your friends vs. video calling them
  8. Being a nerd vs. being a snob
  9. Dealing with an infant vs. dealing with a teenager
  10. Monogamy vs. polygamy
  11. Traditional photos vs. selfies
  12. Long-distance relationships vs. cohabiting
  13. Differences between being a teacher and a student
  14. Mothers vs. fathers
  15. Murderers vs. thieves

Compare and contrast essay example

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Bottom line

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