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Coming up with an essay topic in college is compulsory. No one goes through this level of education without having to write an essay at one point. You are not only thinking of the best topic but also research and write one that capture your tutor’s attention. Fortunately, it is possible to find essay topics examples to help you come with an excellent topic for your college essay.

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How to come up with interesting essay topics

When creating an essay topic, you need to know more than just knowing the subject of your essay.  Here are some tips to help you:

  • Brainstorm to generate several potential topics
  • Write ideas as they come into your mind
  • Read the ideas you wrote and chose a few to know the best ones to use in your essay.
  • Carry out some research on the several topics you have chosen and settle for one you understand very well. It should also enough content to discuss in your essay and not too broad that you cannot fully cover it.

Tips of choosing essay writing topics

Finding an easy essay topic is difficult, but it is possible for all students. What you need to know is how to do it. The topic gives you direction in essay writing. Coming up with the content is actually easier than selecting what to write about.  Here are ideas on how to find an excellent topic for your essay:

After choosing what topic to write about, you might face challenges of finding credible information write.  This is an academic paper and therefore info must be sourced from a credible source and cited correctly. A good topic should be available in the following sources, otherwise it’s not worth your time.

Printed Sources
An excellent english essay topic should ave adequate information in the library or in a bookstore. This gives you a rich source for your essay content. To most modern students, this may sound out dated because all they know are digital sources. However, printed sources are great and will help you write a high-quality essay. Just make sure you copy.


To modern college students, internet is the obvious source for their essays. However, you need to be extra careful because some sources are not genuine. While some lecturers will set restrictions regarding your research, some will give you the freedom to research.

If not careful, you can easily become a victim to scammers using domain names that resemble original sources. Avoid sources such as Wikipedia and instead go reputable sources that are acceptable according academic standards.

Classroom Discussions or Notes Given by Your Lecturer

These sources may not have much to contribute into your essay. But they are worth checking out and gives your paper a professional touch that you teacher can quickly relate with.

Persuasive essay topics

  1. Students should be prohibited from using phones in both elementary and high schools.
  2. It should be made complementary for all Americans to complete a whole year in community service.
  3. Girls should be allowed to choose when to have birth control without seeking permission from parents or guardians
  4. Immigration laws need to be reformed.
  5. A child who commits a crime should face same law as an adult
  6. What is the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars
  7. What makes a great pet: the dog or the cat?

Cause and effect essay topics

  1. How do family vacations affect relationships?
  2. What are the effects on human curiosity in relation to world exploration?
  3. What are the major causes of various environmental catastrophes?
  4. State the effects technology on nature around the world
  5. What are the effects of technology advancement in Japan?

Controversial argumentative Essay Topics

  1. What is the role of a teacher’s behaviour if a child has signs of abuse at school?
  2. Computer games can become violence stimulators in real life.
  3. Prostitution’s role and how it has impacted Canada’s economy.
  4. Effects of assisted suicide
  5. When the LGBTQ community come into existence?
  6. Vaccinations should be mandatory before a child is admitted in school.

Interesting argumentative essay topics

  1. Are teenagers under too much to attend college?
  2. Should immigrants have more rights?
  3. How diverse are movies and TV shoes and why should they?
  4. Effects of fake news on social life and politics?
  5. English should be the official language in the US.

Essay writing topics in English

  1. Why is important to explore space thoroughly?
  2. Are students’ lives influenced by fashion trends?
  3. How heavily have technologies affected our daily lives?
  4. Is there anyone you know who should be a teacher? Why and who is it?
  5. Men hold all lucrative positions. What can women to do get similar jobs?
  6. Are there things that a student can do to ensure that he or she succeeds easily after graduating?
  7. Humanity should be allowed to clear forests and farm to get more food.
  8. Children have too much homework to handle after school and therefore should not be expected to handle any other chores at home. Illustrate an example based on your life and point of view
  9. Teens should also vote. Even before one becomes a college student, he or she or already understands the meaning of voting.
  10. The government should control junk food vendors.
  11. How can we protect endangered animal species against the known and prevent extinction?

English essay topics

  1. How to ensure high healthy standards in American schools
  2. How we can make football safe for everyone
  3. Reasons to have a democratic government.
  4. The various evils commonly practiced in third world countries.
  5. Why every business needs a reliable cyber security measure.
  6. Healthy tips for women planning to go a trip.
  7. How factories can reduce air population without halting production.

Best essay topics for College

  1. How helpful is homework for students?
  2. What is the best way to educate your child? Homeschooling, private schools or public schools?
  3. Why vaccinations should not be mandatory for all children in public schools?
  4. Gifted children should be given special education opportunities
  5. Are online schools any better than the traditional ones?
  6. Is it important for students to take note at school?
  7. Can teaching suicide prevention help to save lives among students?
  8. Is mathematics the hardest subject?

Essay topics for high school

  1. How a student can concentrate better at school
  2. Reasons to become part of ROTC
  3. How to find a perfect date for prom
  4. Is studying abroad any better?
  5. Why should students be part of the school sports team? Does it help them academically in future careers?
  6. Why should high school students learn a new language?
  7. Are technical and apprenticeships programs helpful for students? Do they help them to get jobs after high school?
  8. What is the importance of prom?
  9. How to manage relationships successfully while studying
  10. Are BPA, FFA and other organizations beneficial to students?

College essay topics

  1. Discuss why animals should or should not be kept in zoos.
  2. Write an essay based on an imagination story where you teacher wants to introduce a new subject. What would it be?  Write how you would persuade others to vote for it and reason for supporting it.
  3. Athletes and actors earn too much. Discuss why you think so.
  4. Teachers should wear informs or at least have a specific dressing code.
  5.  Reasons to separate boys and girls at school
  6. How effective is a death sentence? Why should be reinstated?
  7. Use animal is different scientific researches is unacceptable. State what it makes it wrong.
  8. At what age should young people start dating?
  9. Imagine if you woke and found that rules no longer existed. What would you do and what are those desires that you have always harboured and would want to fulfil them. B creative.
  10. Should computers be used in schools instead of notebooks and textbooks? Why should wealth countries share what they have with the less fortunate ones?
  11. Are phones harmful to high school students? Why should they have them in class just like adults?
  12. Is there anything else to explore in space? Why should we spend more resources to discover more things in space?
  13. What is the role of fashion in our lives?
  14. Are humans becoming dependent on technology and especially computers?
  15. Imagine having a chance to bring some who lived in the past, real or fictional- who would it be? How would you introduce him or her to your hometown? Explain what you give this person and imagine how he would mingle with locals and those close to you.
  16. Men get the best jobs. The government should reserve some these positions for women.
  17. Teachers should be graded by students
  18. What makes a good movie? Give your opinion.

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