How to Write a Movie Review- Expert Guideline

How to write a movie review

Understanding how to write a movie review like pro is a no walk in the park. A movie review is an essay about a film. You report the events and ideas of this movie. It sounds simple, but there is more than just watching and summarizing the movie. Learn more about mistakes to avoid such as express your opinion. Whatever argument you write in your essay should not be biased. Also, you must use an objective approach when writing your points and supporting them with substantial evidence.

A movie review determines if the reader can watch that movie. It is a common assignment for college students, but most people still do not know how to write it. Besides, it becomes more complicated if the lecturer requests students to write a critical movie essay. It requires the student to understand a few steps in writing this essay.

How to write a movie review for college?

To write a movie review, you need to know the essential elements of this essay. They include:

Title of the movie

When writing a review about movie, mention the name of the film in the introduction paragraph. It helps you introduce the reader to the feature you want to review. Most students fail to do this and therefore make the introduction paragraph sound incomplete.

Movie Summary

The primary purpose of a movie review is creating an overview of a film or documentary, and the targeted audience is people who have not watched it. Since you are writing for your professor, assume he or she hasn’t watched. This ensures you include all the essential points needed by someone who knows nothing about the movie. Discuss how the movie producer succeeded and where they failed, but do not talk about anything that you liked or disliked in the film. There is no way to find quality evidence and points to support your opinion.


Research a little on information regarding the person who created the movie. What is the background of the person? Is the particular filmmaker well-known in the industry, and what are of his or her outstanding creations? Review the director’s career and relate it with the film.

Significance of the Movie Essay in Your Course

The movie must fit in your course, and how you relate it should be accurate. It could be related to a book you did in class, but you must have enough evidence to prove that. Mention similarities or differences or any other elements and connect them without sounding like you are presenting your personal opinion.

Creative elements

Every movie has some creative elements. Bring them out in the film you are reviewing and explain their importance in the film’s plot. For example, the costumes used in a movie can betray or enhance its intent. Also, colours are some of the elements you must point out and how they affect the atmosphere of the movie. Some can brighten scenes while others make the film dull, and if the wrong colours ruin everything.


The actors must be reviewed in your essay. Analyze how realistic the casting is and how they portray their roles. Are they talented actors and state the actors who seem to fit in their characters perfectly?

How to write a movie review essay?

The first step when writing a movie review essay is watching the movie. Take notes as you watch to help you remember the most significant scenes.

Movie review template

An example of a movie review essay shows you what should know about a film before you review it. They include:

  • The genre of the movie
  • The title and year of release.
  • The names of the main characters
  • Director’s name
  • If based on a book, state the book’s title and author.

All this information is vital for your readers and ensures your essay is informative and well written.

Film review format for students

Before you write the essay, start with an outline. This is where you draft your ideas and indicate what you will write in every part. It helps you research and ensures everything is included. Once you write, you will not leave any part out. Your outline should have content for the following:

  • The introduction part is where you write the movie’s title, subject, date when it was released, and background information.
  • Accurate representation of the movie
  • Documentary sources to use in the essay.
  • Bring out creative elements
  • State your opinion
  • Conclusion

You can write your ideas on a blank page on your computer or a piece of paper. You can check several movie reviews outline examples online if you are writing this paper for the first time.

How to Organize a Movie Review?

Here is how you structure and organize your movie review:

Your introduction part should have a hook. Give your reader something surprising that will he or she continue reading. From there, make a clear statement regarding your opinion and indicate what you feel about it. You must also provide background details of the movie to introduce the film briefly and attract the attention of the person reading.

Body paragraphs

This is where you write most of the content of the essay. The notes you wrote while watching the film fills this part of your outline. Since you have a whole movie to review, you are likely to have a lot of content to write here. Be brief, informative, and logical while supporting your points with evidence from the movie. If you disliked it, give facts and back them with solid points from the film.


Your essay should end with a great conclusion. Here you include points from the introduction part and some of the main points from the body paragraphs. Remember, whoever is reading the review wants to know if the movie is worth watching. So, in the conclusion part, give them this answer.

What to Highlight in the Essay?

When writing your paper, stick to your outline. This will guide you and ensure you use the right format, which enhances the flow of your essay. Avoid focusing on the plot and limiting yourself from exploring other areas of the essay. Your essay will sound incomplete if you do not asses the actors; analyze the music in the movie, the tone, mood, and cinematography. What’s more, including these things makes your paper sound interesting and diverse.

Proofread your work

A flawless essay requires you to proofread your work. A good writer takes time to read and edit the academic paper after completing it. You can also look for help online to perfect your work. Check grammatical errors and spelling errors, along with the following:

  • Remove any spoiler in your essay
  • Use the right format for your movie review
  • Make sure your work is not plagiarized
  • Confirm that you complied with all requirements
  • Hire someone to proofread for you.

To make proofreading effortless, read move review examples. You will learn how your paper should sound and how to express your points.

Writing a movie review requires patience. It takes time to complete because you must watch the specific movie more than once. It becomes hard to concentrate on assignments for a long time because students always have other projects waiting to be completed. This is why you should look for a movie review help online.

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Bottom line

The tips should help you know how to write a movie review. If a movie is not your type, look beyond personal preference. This is academic work, and if a movie is well-done, you should review it excellently. People who love such movies will find it interesting. Be professional when reviewing a movie. Regardless of how much you dislike the movie, choose your words carefully. Some phrases are spoilers and will cost you a good score. Review the movie without becoming emotional.

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