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Writing a philosophy paper

how to write a philosophy paper

One thing that comes on your mind when you get a philosophy assignment is how to write a philosophy paper that wins. Given the myriads of controversial opinions surrounding your chosen topic, there are higher chances that you will find writing the philosophy paper challenging, especially when the task is impromptu. However, you can turn the problem into a victory. All you need is familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of writing a good philosophy paper.

We have compiled some of the most crucial aspects of a philosophy paper that will help you go a long way in achieving your goals–be it for academic, work, or fun. Follow these tips and shine on your way to excellence.

How do you write an Introduction to a Philosophy Paper?

An introduction is an essential element in any essay. It not only introduces the audience to what they are about to read but triggers the interest to read the content. But, how do you write an introduction to a philosophy paper? Here are some basic requirements you can include in writing your introduction:

  • Take your time to craft a catchy hook
  • Think about the outline of your paper
  • Use the outline to summarize your argument in a few sentences
  • Finalize by creating a strong thesis

How to Write a Philosophy Paper for Dummies

While you are used to writing essays, writing a philosophy paper is unique. It includes more than a mere summary of ideas. A philosophy paper will require you to defend your argument.

As a beginner in this field, the task may prove a nightmare, especially when you lack sufficient guidance. However, worry less.

Here is the guidance you can rely on in pursuit of an excellent philosophy paper:

  • Decide a suitable topic to explore
  • Find reliable sources expounding on the subject and go through them
  • Note down significant arguments/topics
  • Craft your thesis
  • Organize your paper; could be in the form of an outline or draft
  • Use the draft to defend your argument, including offering your point of view

Good Philosophical Writing

Good philosophical writing is grounded in a carefully planned steps. Philosophy assignments require considering a primary argument. The argument must be backed up with substantial evidence.

Writing a good philosophy paper will require identifying a specific topic. Make sure you grab your readers’ attention with this topic. When writing the paper, get to the point. Be precise with the information you intend to pass, in a way that minimizes misunderstandings. Conclude with your opinion of the topic and give your readers something to meditate about or explore further.

Philosophical Topic Essay Examples

One question that we come across often pertains to writing unique philosophical essays. Well, this should never be your worry. Even though all essays follow a similar structure, realize that there are different approaches you can follow to write your essay.

Below are a few examples of philosophical topics that will help you approach your philosophy assignments in different ways:

  • What role does society play in an individual’s personality?
  • Why people attach value to things more than humans?
  • What is the real definition of loneliness?
  • Is life after death real or a way of persuading people to lead righteous lives?
  • Is pain a must for a new life, progress?

Philosophical Paper Topics

After knowing what it takes to write a good philosophy paper, the next concern pertains to what to write about. Choosing the best topic can be as easy as ABC or a nightmare. What separates the two is the “what” and “why” of your topic.

As stated above, all you need is a topic you can defend to the very end. We have carefully selected some philosophical topics you can explore when faced with the challenge. Have a look at the list below and choose wisely:

  • Social justice and politics
  • What is a happy life?
  • Why abortion is necessary
  • Euthanasia is a crime
  • Consequences of cohabitation
  • The link between psychology and neurophilosophy

Philosophical Essay Topics

Sometimes you will be assigned an essay and given the freedom to choose a topic of your interest. These are the times when your critical thinking skills come at play. There are myriads of philosophical essay topics you can choose from, which means that making use of this opportunity is central to getting top grades.

These topics will give you great ideas when writing a philosophical essay:

  • Happiness and success are interlinked
  • Does experience come with knowledge?
  • Discovery is part of learning
  • Is life hard, or is it what we perceive it to be?
  • Love is a mere illusion
  • Death is, but, the beginning of a new life
  • Is suffering inevitable, or is it a consequence of our actions?
  • Humanity is all about good and evil
  • Is morality objective or subjective?

Philosophy Term Paper

Term papers are part and parcel of an academic course. They are vital in assessing individuals’ ability to comprehend course concepts.  As a philosophy student, you will be required to show you knowledge on philosophical ideas; and probably write a philosophy term paper as an academic requirement.

A philosophy term paper involves making a claim and justifying the claim with credible literature. Literature review forms an essential part of a term paper since it indicates how far you can go in clarifying your chosen topic. Other elements included in a philosophy term paper are:

  • Introduction, with a hook and thesis statement
  • Body to defend your argument or answer any question raised
  • Conclusion

Personal Philosophy Paper Example

Here comes the challenge! Writing personal philosophy paper!

Writing a personal philosophy paper is never difficult. It includes a simple obligation –choosing a good topic and thesis, then proving the thesis by applying relevant ideas and theories. Never forget to include original ideas about the argument. This reminds your audience that you are a critical thinker and creative.

Writing a personal philosophy paper is a way you can persuade your readers about something you believe. Success in this task requires writing something you are familiar with and using enough argument to prove the same. Examples of personal philosophy papers can fall under the following categories:

  • Religion
  • Intuition
  • Humanity
  • Life and death
  • Happiness

Philosophy Essay

A primary requirement in a philosophy class is writing a philosophy essay. A significant percentage of philosophy assignments require students to demonstrate their understanding of the course concepts. They can do so by expounding on related arguments or theories by writing critical evaluation essays.

That said, the least required of you in completing a philosophy essay include:

  • Researching on the subject matter
  • Keeping the audience in mind in choosing the topic
  • Crafting a clear outline of your essay
  • Including a strong thesis statement
  • Using a clear and simple language
  • Supporting your argument
  • Providing your thought on the subject

Philosophy Essay Examples

Perhaps you are faced with the challenge of writing a philosophy essay. In this case, the problem lies in having a clear picture of what the essay should look like. If this is the case, opt for already published essays. Reviewing these essays will help you develop an idea of writing the best philosophy essay.

Here are some philosophy essay examples you can start with:

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To this far, you must have grasped what it takes to excel in a philosophy class. But how can you implement most, if not all, of these concepts? First things first! Seek help whenever possible. This is the only way you can continuously progress in your area of specialty. Never hesitate to reach out to the right people.

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