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Your dream school may ask you to write a personal statement. It is a unique type of essay that students have to write for their college applications. It might also be a requirement for some scholarship programs. To write a great one, you can start by going through various personal statement examples.

In most cases, the school you are applying to will give you a topic to focus on. Sometimes, they may ask you to write about yourself or why you think you deserve a place in their institution. Writing a great personal statement starts with good organizational skills.

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How to structure a personal statement?

There is no fixed way to structure your personal statement. Even so, you should include sections covering the following details:

Why you are interested in the course

The college needs to know why you want to join them to take the course you are applying for. You can talk about how you overcame a difficult situation. Include what you achieved by persevering.  Then, state how the adversity you were facing motivated you to join the program. You can also give reasons why they would be making a great choice by selecting you to be part of it.

Your professional achievements

You should put your professional accomplishments in your personal statement. This lets the college know why you are the perfect fit for the program. In this section, you can also include your strengths and any other abilities you have. These may include computer and data entry skills, customer service, and teamwork.

Your future ambitions

At the end of your personal statement, don’t forget to mention the things you hope to achieve after finishing the program. For instance, you can state that you desire to join a particular international organization because its goals are in line with yours. You may also say that you want to advance your studies. The program might increase your chances of doing so.

Now that you know how you should structure your personal statement; you can go ahead and start working on it.

How to write a personal statement

A personal statement allows you to sell yourself. You must write a perfect one if you want to be one of the successful applicants. Below are tips that you can use:

Describe yourself

At the beginning of your personal statement, provide a summary of yourself. Remember that this is where you need to capture the recruiter’s attention since they might not have a lot of time to go through your curriculum vitae (CV). Always aim to stand out. It is the best way to stay ahead of other applicants. As you write about who you are, be specific. Do not include any irrelevant details. Also, avoid writing anything negative about yourself.


Find out more about the school you hope to join. Identify their goals, values, and things that make it different from other educational institutions. This way, as you write your personal statement, you can show them that you know their objectives.

You may also explain how you can help to achieve them. The recruiting professors might be pleased because you know a few things about them.

Take pride in your story

You must tell your tale in the best way possible when writing your personal statement. Do it with pride to show that you are not ashamed of the challenges you have gone through. Focus on how they helped you to grow into an optimistic and ambitious student. Be lively but adopt a polite and professional tone. This prevents you from boring the admissions committee.

Organize your essay

Write your personal statement in an orderly manner. Type your paper using a clear font and proofread it before submission. This will enable you to eliminate any typos or grammatical errors. You can also remove any repetitive information. Furthermore, express yourself clearly and do not exceed the given word limit.

How to answer a personal statement

The way you answer your personal statement determines if the recruiting team will pick you or not. Here are things that you should avoid in your personal statement responses:


Do not state the obvious when answering your personal statement. It is not the best way to express yourself. For instance, you should not place a lot of emphasis on your love for music if you are applying to a music school. Other applicants have said that before. Besides, the school expects you to have a passion for music if you want to join them.

Controversial topics

Avoid some possibly controversial issues when answering your personal statement. These include religion and political views. You may write something that will indicate bias against a particular political party or religion. This may irritate the team going through your application. It will reduce your chances of being successful.

Lies and exaggerations

Avoid lying in your personal statement. There is a high likelihood that the school will discover. When it does, it might not even consider your application. Also, do not exaggerate anything. State things as they are instead of including claims that you cannot back up with truthful evidence.

Irrelevant personal information

Even though personal statements are about describing your private details, do not write about the unnecessary ones. These include your marital status or your kids. The recruiting committee doesn’t require them to determine if you are a qualified applicant or not.

Personal statement topics

Here are some topics that you can consider when writing your personal statement:

  1. A book character that inspires me
  2. My childhood experiences
  3. How I overcame rejection
  4. My most frightening experience in school
  5. A moral choice that cost me a lot
  6. Why I’m kind to strangers
  7. My success stories
  8. The people that I look up to
  9. What I’d do if I could turn back time
  10. Fantastic lessons that I learned from adversity

Example of a personal statement

A sample can give you some tips on how to write yours. You can get many of them on the internet. Explore a variety of topics and note down those that you find easy. This will give you a hint of what you should write about in your essay. It will also expose you to different writing styles that you can employ.

Personal statement examples for graduate school

As you go through examples, you will find some for students hoping to join various graduate schools. They may have some similarities. These include originality and brevity. Also, the applicants describe their great qualities and state why they think they are the best candidate. If you are also applying to your dream graduate school, you can borrow a few guidelines from the samples.

Personal statement examples law school

Law school statement examples can be of great help if you want to become a lawyer. It is a requirement that most applicants must meet when applying to most law schools. Some institutions may ask for general information like why you desire to pursue law. Others will need specific details about you. Examples include your academic background and professional achievements.

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Bottom line

Writing an excellent personal statement can land you in an exceptional school. Thesisessay can help you write yours. We have professional essay writers who will meet all your requirements. Contact us to get the essay that will make your future brighter.

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