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psychology research papers topics

Deciding on what to write about from the myriads of psychology research paper topics may seem a confusing task. This indecisiveness may worsen the research and writing process. Fortunately, great inspiration on psychology topics lies everywhere. All you need is to be precise, including clarifying your goal. As you begin your search for a topic, consider guidelines provided by your instructor, if any.

The following information should guide your option to select a suitable topic:

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Psychology Research Paper

Psychology is a field associated with immense inquiry. It triggers the desire to research different topics. Its focus on human behavior requires intensive research, which depends on the area of specialization. The research papers represent an area that psychology students pursue as a fulfillment of their academic requirements. While students are subject to feel anxious about writing a psychology research paper, they access general guidelines for writing the same.

In that regard, a psychology research paper is often limited to peer-reviewed academic resources. These resources comprise content that requires processing to deliver valid evidence to the reader. The primary aim of a psychology research paper is to demonstrate in-depth knowledge by the student through efficient navigation of quality literature.

Social Psychology Research Topics

The center of selecting good social psychological research topics is narrowing down to something you can prove. However, the topic should never be narrow it becomes challenging to back principal arguments with substantial evidence. Among the social psychology research topics, consider include:

  • How prejudice promotes cultural intolerance
  • Social cognition and how it affects an individual’s ability to interact with others
  • The perception of the self-concept
  • The implications of social control on achieving societal good
  • Factors promoting obsession in relationships

Cognitive Psychology Research Topics

Cognitive research is an area of significant focus in psychology. This area covers diverse aspects of mental action and knowledge acquisition. These may include reading comprehension, decision making, mental imagery, problem-solving, and memory, among others. You can address the following topics about cognitive psychology research.

  • How implicit learning occurs
  • Effects of meditation and how to practice meditation
  • The relationship between mindfulness, attention, and awareness
  • The three types of cognitive learning
  • What is the link between depression and poor classroom performance?
  • Cognition and behaviors
  • How information processing enhances operant conditioning?

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

Development psychology is among the most popular topics in psychology. If you are writing a psychology research paper, developmental psychology is an interesting topic to consider. It includes the following topics:

  • Does learning sign language hinder language acquisition process among young learners?
  • The implications of parenting style on a child’s physical and mental activity?
  • Why a caring environment is vital in helping children develop into satisfied and productive adults
  • Does the order of birth impacts responsibilities? Do first-born become more responsible than last-born
  • How behavior and life satisfaction changes as we age?
  • How physical education impacts students’ academic excellence

Abnormal Psychology Research Topics

Far from the normal, you can think of settling for abnormal psychology research topics. These topics are unique and fun to research since they do not confine you to what you should present or how you should represent the same. Among the topics you can think of in this area are:

  • Why the perception of the self-influence eating behaviors?
  • Why depression is rarely a real illness
  • Way to manage obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder and how it can be managed
  • The relationship between antisocial personality and social anxiety disorder
  • Anorexia nervosa–what you need to know
  • Miscarriage and couple’s mental health
  • What role do school uniforms play in improving students’ performance?

Clinical Psychology Research Topics

As an essential area of research, clinical psychology presents diverse areas that you can explore. It is vital in the health and well-being of individuals, hence the attention. In the same way, medical professionals pursue preventing the spread of various diseases; psychology students can also conduct rigorous research on the human condition as it applies to multiple contexts.

That said, the various clinical psychology research topics you should consider are outlined below:

  • Psychoanalytic therapy
  • How cases of childhood abuse influence individual performance in adulthood
  • The relationship between memory, emotions and dreams
  • The significant role played by psychotherapy in helping a victim of psychological trauma recover
  • The relationship between psychotherapy and counseling
  • The relationship between diet and mental health
  • Pros and cons of hypnosis

Personality Psychology Research Paper Topics

Personality psychology is one the leading subjects in psychology. This area is filled with catchy research topics you could ever imagine. Never hesitate to explore this subject. Here are excellent topics about personality psychology that will help you broaden your imagination:

  • Does personality influence individual decisions when choosing lifetime spouses?
  • How is creativity linked to temperament?
  • How individual environment influences psychosocial development
  • The impact of genes on personality
  • Do artists possess similar personality characteristics?
  • Single parents raise unhappy children
  • Personality type influences the lifestyle
  • Consequences and reasons for introverted adult behavior
  • Phases of human development and growth

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

As a psychology student, you are subject to come across assignments demanding you to work on an imaginary or real experiment. An empirical psychology research paper requires your focus in choosing a topic whose arguments you can prove. Nevertheless, finding something that meets the course guidelines ensures success in the given subject. While this requirement can be stringent, you are never limited to the number of topics you can research.

Here are some experimental psychology research topics you can explore:

  • Does malnutrition affect memory?
  • Does anxiety cause depression?
  • How keeping a diary can improve academic performance
  • The effect of music on motivation to engage in an activity
  • How the fear of rejection leads to an inability to expose an individual’s full potential
  • Link between binge watching and obesity
  • How weight influences self-concept
  • Why beer is a suitable remedy for mild pain.
  • How reliable is a forensic investigation in proving the defendant’s mental stability?

Psychology Topics for Presentation

Presentation assignments form a fundamental part of the academic life of psychology students. This assignment not only reveals an individual’s potential to express themselves but also the ability to select defined presentation topics. Is it designed to help students defend their arguments individually or as a group? Presentations focus on the related issue raised about the subject. Thus, choosing nothing but the best topic is fundamental in sharing your interpretive approach.

A few topics you can present are:

  • Understanding the relationship between fear and failure
  • Age and success
  • Psychological manipulation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and how it affects individual well-being
  • Why perseverance is a significant success factor
  • Correlation between IQ and achievement
  • Parental investment matters regarding children life outcome
  • Phobia and anxiety–are they related?

Controversial Topics in Psychology for Research

Controversial topics are part and parcel of college life. Controversies serve as the basis for most essays written in college. Whether your interest lies in clinical research or personal development, controversial topics will help you develop your debate skills, including being aware of emerging controversies in modern times. With these in mind, understanding the current world’s controversial topics to research will help you go a long way in achieving your career goals.

Look at some current controversial topics you can discuss in college below:

  • The implication of capital punishment on ex-convicts’ ability to reintegrate into the community
  • Abortion has long-term psychological effects on the mother
  • The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have common behaviors
  • Anger is directly linked to cognitive and physical imbalances
  • Marital programs are efficient in maintaining long and healthy relationships
  • Children become attached to their mothers first
  • Intimate relationships are becoming more romanticized in the modern world

Forensic Psychology Research Paper Topics

Forensic psychology is a new field. The field comprises diverse psychological concepts that have been promoted by the need to conduct psychological research on legal matters. These may include cognitive-developmental and social and clinical research.  The different forensic psychology research paper topics range from eyewitness testimony, jury behavior, children’s testimony, to clinical assessment.

Find out some forensic psychology research topics areas below:

  • Primary behaviors of serial killers
  • Effects of pornography on individuals’ cognitions abilities
  • Therapeutic pessimism about psychopathy
  • The role of victims in criminal justice procedures
  • Causes of intimate partner violence
  • Stalking is a criminal act attributed to mental illness
  • Long-term effects of child maltreatment

Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

Child psychology is another area in psychology you would want to explore. This psychology extends beyond childhood development. It also includes problems faced by children as they grow into young adults. This area of research is significant and should be a part of the topics researched by students.

Some areas you can focus on regarding child psychology include:

  • Why children need to play
  • The importance of moral education in raising well-mannered children
  • Why children need quality attachment relationships
  • Causes of anxiety in children
  • Why some children are aggressive with time
  • How birth order influence individual motivation and drive to pursue self-discovery
  • Family environment determines adolescent behaviors
  • How a narcissist mother influences a child’s mental health

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