100+ Research Paper Topics to Get Started in 2020

research paper topics

Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for research paper topics to earn a better grade? Here are tips, ideas, and examples of the best topics.

Before you work on your research, look for an excellent topic that fascinates you. It might be challenging to find one. There are several research ideas that you can focus on depending on your subject. Some are easier to handle than others. Start by brainstorming for great ideas when searching for fantastic research paper topics.

Once you decide on a topic, make sure it is manageable. Can you find the research material? What are your keywords? Is the subject you are handling flexible? All these questions should guide you in constructing your strong thesis statement. Read on to understand more about research paper topics.

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Good Research Paper Topics 2020

A good research paper topic is one that is unique and also relevant. When coming up with your research topic, make sure it is original. Authenticity goes a long way in proving that you are a creative student who also works hard. What you work on should interest your target audience. There good research paper topics that you can have are limitless. Below are several that you can give some thought.

  • The effects of COVID-19 on the economy
  • Is the quality of education in our universities substandard?
  • How has feminism affected marriage?
  • Are men smarter than women?
  • Do men and women think the same way?
  • Why should all businesses embrace internet marketing?
  • Can an online relationship lead to marriage?
  • Why is it difficult for ex-convicts to find jobs?
  • What are the rights of transgender persons?
  • The evolution of pop music
  • The characteristics of modern-day poets
  • Does playing dirty in business lead to success?
  • What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?

College Research Paper Topics

College is where most people write more research papers than ever. To that end, college students must learn how to formulate mind-blowing topics that will impress their tutors or any other reader. Research paper topics for students can cover various subjects that include art, medicine, education, entertainment, sports as well as politics. Here are some that you may explore:

  • How does obesity affect our health?
  • Do doctors facilitate drug addiction?
  • How can we improve the quality of education in our universities?
  • The impacts of modern technology
  • What are the gun ownership policies in the U.S., and should they be revised?
  • The pros and cons of being a vegetarian
  • The effects of global warming
  • Is it dangerous to consume GMO food?
  • What are the most popular causes of depression in our societies?
  • Are social networking platforms safe for teenagers?
  • Do women deserve equal job opportunities as men?
  • Should sexually explicit content be aired on television?
  • What caused the Salem Witch Trials, and what were their repercussions?
  • How has the media perspective towards Islam changed over the years?

Controversial Research Topics

There are many controversial topics that you can select for your research paper. If you love controversy, you will have a wide pool to choose from. Great controversial research paper topics are relevant. They are about current and trending events in our world. They can also make great discussion subjects both inside and outside your classroom. With them, you can hone your debate skills and influence your readers’ view on a particular topic. You still can’t find an excellent controversial topic for your paper? Think about these ones:

  • Should sex education be offered in middle school?
  • Why marijuana should be legalized in all states
  • Should gay partners be allowed to adopt children?
  • Do surrogate mothers have a right to see the kids they birth?
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Why should all schools ban homework?
  • What steps should governments take to fight against gun violence?
  • Is racism dead?
  • What are the rights of immigrants in Canada?
  • Have modern churches turned into businesses?
  • The rights of sex workers
  • Do deadbeat parents deserve forgiveness?
  • Child marriages: how can they be stopped?
  • Should those who violate LGBT rights be punished?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When selecting an argumentative research paper topic, choose a subject you like. With interest comes a clear understanding of facts and the points worth raising in your argument. Your thesis statement must be powerful. It should let your reader know where you stand. Here are examples of argumentative research paper topics that you can try out:

  • Why should the death penalty be banned?
  • Who should be blamed for the ever-rising numbers of street children?
  • Are our political leaders a reflection of who we are as citizens?
  • What should be the minimum age of alcohol consumption?
  • Are pop musicians great role models for our kids?
  • Why education should be free
  • Do diets have any negative side effects?
  • Should smoking in public areas be banned?
  • Is gun control a great way to prevent gun violence?
  • Do rapists who rape sex workers deserve legal punishment?
  • Should you work during the weekends?
  • Should you file a complaint against your boss for sexual harassment?
  • Is it right to disrespect your parent if they mistreat you?

Technology Research Paper Topics

Technology is an incredibly broad field. It is easy to find an exciting research topic revolving around it. Tech-related topics should not be limited to IT, computer science and engineering students. Instead, all learners should be willing to tackle them as long as they find them intriguing. Below are examples of good research paper topics about technology:

  • What moves can one take to enhance cybersecurity?
  • What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin?
  • How will self-driving cars impact our societies?
  • Nanomedicine’s properties and principles
  • Benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Why do most people love online shopping?
  • Medical applications and their advantages
  • Do game addicts need to seek help?
  • Should you use VPNs?
  • How has Facebook made communication easier?
  • What is the future of artificial intelligence?
  • Why have video streaming platforms increased?
  • How has technology affected the medical field?
  • The growth of automation

Government Research Paper Topics

There are plenty of government research paper topic ideas that you can pick. If you don’t know where to start, you can consult your tutor or Thesisessay about the government. Regardless of the topic that you choose, be ready for extensive research. Facts will come in handy in explaining your views. Have you found a government research paper topic yet? Consider these:

  • What role does the government play in the fight against terrorism?
  • Are women represented well in politics?
  • Can women make great presidents?
  • What are the benefits of dual citizenship?
  • Factors that fuel corruption in the government
  • Why cultural diversity is essential when allocating government positions?
  • How politicians use “divide and conquer method” to win during elections
  • Political psychology
  • How should a government unite its people?
  • How do leaders promote ethnic wars?
  • Direct and representative democracy
  • How can governments promote transparency during elections?
  • Which are the major political parties in the U.S?
  • What role does the media play in politics?
  • Does the U.S. federal government have too much power?

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Your tutor may give you a research paper topics to write about, or tell you to choose one. Before you write, plan your paper. You can consider exploring various topics in a specific field. Once you have settled for a topic, do a lot of research to get the data you’ll need.

Besides, if you have less time to come with your research paper title, you can always rely on us. Thesisessay will give you a free title and an outline. As you hustle, we guarantee you the best grades at affordable rates.

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