How to write a scholarship essay that wins

scholarship essay

As a student, one challenge you may encounter is figuring out the best method on how to write a scholarship essay. Well, writing such an essay can be challenging, depending on how far you are willing to make it exceptional.

You need to impress the interview panel and share your goals with them. If anything, you must know every application is unique and follows a different procedure–some will require a little more effort to prove why you deserve the award, unlike other applicants. So how do you ensure that you deliver only the best?

Below are pro writing tips that will help you deliver an unmatched scholarship essay:

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How to write scholarship essay about yourself

An essential element in a scholarship essay pertains to explaining yourself. Well, while you have a unique identity and experiences, all that matters is how you explain the situation. Since it is often a fundamental element in a scholarship essay, you can use this to your advantage. Use this opportunity to leave a good impression of yourself.

Never waste the opportunity by diving into a long recitation, including rambling about your preferences and hobbies. Instead, try an enthusiastic response that summarizes why you are fit. To understand better, you can review some published scholarship essay examples about yourself. These should help you go a long way in writing an exceptional scholarship essay. Keep these tips in mind as you find your way in developing your thoughts.

How to write a winning scholarship essay

There comes a time when proving your prowess is the only solution to academic challenges. Scholarships come in to provide the answer to some of these challenges. But how do you complete a scholarship essay putting in mind the anxiety that comes along with the application process? The only help that can salvage this situation is looking at winning scholarship essay examples as a starter pack.

These examples will help you navigate through your experiences and stand out from the rest. Take your time to analyze the applicable styles and figure out how you can improve.

Scholarship Essay Contests

Proving your writing skills could lead you to achieve huge prizes that might extend to college scholarships. A scholarship essay should surpass securing a tuition-free program. It should expose your talents to the global community. However, what can you do to excel in scholarship essay contests? Well, a little more work might help you unearth countless rewards for crafting innovating and thought-provoking essays.

While some essay contests come with complex requirements, others are straightforward and may be rated based on individual writing. In short, scholarship essay contests offer you the perfect opportunity to explore various topics.

To discover more about scholarship essay contests, consider reviewing the following:

  1. AAA South Jersey Scholarship Contest
  2. American Society of Human Genetics Essay Contest
  3. Center for Alcohol Policy Essay Contest
  4. George Watt Prize Essay Contest
  5. Invensis Young Thinkers Scholarship Essay Award
  6. JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest

How to start a scholarship essay introduction

With hundreds of essays available for review, you should write a comprehensive scholarship essay introduction. However, the problem manifests in starting a scholarship essay – for this is where the potential lies. It is in the introduction part that you get to inform the reader of your skills. That means that the first few sentences of your essay should convince the reader why you are the best. In other words, unlike different sections, your scholarship essay introduction is most crucial.

You can use the introduction to your advantage. Nevertheless, the good news is that there is never a proven way of writing a scholarship essay introduction. Regardless, there are several factors that you should consider when crafting this introduction. You must make sure that this section:

  1. Starts with an attention-grabbing statement
  2. Include a brief explanation for what the essay is all about
  3. A thesis statement that addresses the essay prompt

These sections should be precise and rich. They should help you establish the rest of the essay. If anything, strive to develop a deeper connection with the audience.

Better Scholarship Essay

Writing an exceptional essay is the number one goal of any ambitious scholar. But the problem lies in going about the entire process. While to some, the task may be as easy as ABC, others may find the task more challenging.

That means that you are obligated to reflect on what you want in the long-term, including how you think the institution will help you get there. In other words, the essay gives you a chance to prove your unique expertise in writing as well as explaining your intent.

In that regard, a better scholarship essay comprises your story. It shows the selection committee why you deserve the opportunity and how far you are willing to apply your current talent/experience in developing more advanced skills. Consequently, the essay should inform and persuade the scholarship committee to think in your direction.

Regardless of its requirements, perfect writing skill is the least of things you need. If anything, seek to understand who you are and how you think the institution in question will take your skills to the next level.

Scholarship essay outline

A layout is at the heart of writing your essay. Now that you have a topic at hand, what comes next is how to write a scholarship essay about why you deserve it. The layout should act as a compass to direct you on the “what” and “when” of writing what you intend to write. It must highlight the main arguments you plan to explore by strictly adhering to a particular structure.

A typical scholarship essay layout constitutes:


This is where you stimulate the reader’s attention. It may include a general statement, quotation, or anecdote.

Main Body

The body follows the introduction. This section is valuable since it allows you to discuss significant arguments in the assignment in detail. The discussion should heighten the readers’ perception of why you are the best. Consider doing the following in this section:

  • Concentrate on your skills
  • Discuss life experiences that matter
  • Discuss your career goals
  • Include a specific example that you think is relevant to the essay requirements
  • Mention your talent; could be creativity, volunteering, communication, etc
  • Concentrate on what the scholarship will help you achieve.


As a standard norm, the conclusion often wraps up the entire discussion. It brings the attention of the audience to the final destination which means you must summarize your findings excellently. Think of concentrating on how the scholarship will change your personal and career path. Complete, by showing gratitude to the person reading your essay.

How to write scholarship essay format

Confused about the ideal way to go about writing your scholarship essay? If yes, worry less–there are hundreds of scholarship essay format templates that you can always rely on. Read more to understand how to come up with a meticulous one.

Consequently, you can consider following a basic scholarship essay outline, as shown below.

  1. Begin with an introductory sentence; remember to state about yourself and mention the scholarship you are applying
  2. State and explain your educational objectives and goals; why do you think they matter and how are you planning to achieve them?
  • Provide a brief background; tell the reader something about your character Remember to highlight preferences regarding your career experience
  1. Discuss why you need the scholarship
  2. Conclude; do this by highlighting the primary item (s) in your essay

How to write college scholarship essay outline

An essential step to achieving academic excellence is a college education. Assuming that you are interested in joining a specific college, your number one obligation should be submitting a college scholarship essay. However, the problem manifests when outlining your essay.

Outlining your essay should be the first thing you do in writing the essay. An outline acts as a road map to ensuring you deliver what is required of you. It points you in the right direction and ensures you reach the destination as appropriate. Thus, never hesitate to apply the outline to highlight the topics you want to use to impress your readers.

That said, how should your college essay outline look? The most fundamental structure constitutes:

  1. The introduction/hook: addresses the essay prompt and explains what you will be talking about.
  2. The body; tells your story – could be your interests, talent, passion.
  3. Conclusion: includes the lessons you have learned

Scholarship essay outline example

Let us assume you are applying for a scholarship, and one of the key objectives of the given institution is advocacy. So how do you align your experience to fit in the particular objective? One basic thing you must do is choosing a suitable topic. An example of such a topic could be mobilizing community resources to achieve sustainability.

In this case, your essay should take the form of:


State the thesis:

Identifying community needs was tough; there was the risk of missing out on essential needs for sustainable growth, which called for paying maximum attention.


Include the following points:

  • Observing major loopholes in resource allocation: practices, urgent community needs, implications
  • Understanding the immediate needs of the community requires getting closer to them and encouraging them to open up
  • Disappointment: the goals seemed unattainable at some points
  • Reaction: including the local people in making decisions regarding resources allocation


Mention how the unforeseen challenges enhanced your skills

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Bottom line

You should have an idea on how to write a scholarship essay. For assistance ask our affordable essay writing services experts. We have helped thousands including those looking for chevening scholarships.

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