111 Demonstration Speech Topics

demonstration speech topics

Demonstration speech topics require confidence and ability to engage in informed moves. When it comes to public speaking, we tend to have different experiences. But one thing is indisputable; becoming nervous once in a while is unavoidable. Yes, while you are driven to impress the audience, the lack of appealing demonstration topics may pull you 10 steps behind. The situation may be nerve-wracking when you are presenting for the first time.

So, what do you do to avoid such incidents? Whether you are preparing your demonstration speech for academic purpose, job or fun, worry less. We will guide you accordingly. Below is an important guide for managing the myriads of demonstration speech topics you desire.

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What is a demonstration speech?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “speech”? Is that thing public speaking? If this is the case, then understanding what a demonstration speech should never be a difficult task.

Just as the words suggest, a demonstration speech is an informative speech–one where the speaker aims at teaching the audience about a particular subject. In short, this is an activity that involves the speaker showing the “how” of achieving a specific goal.

A demonstration speech may include explaining a series of ways of doing a process. Visual aids enhance such a process, including use of handouts–the KeyNote and PowerPoint presentations. In most cases, demonstrative speeches are for professional, academic or leisure purposes.

How to demonstration speech topics

That said, your next concern must be relate to the question, “how best can I undertake a demonstration speech topic?” Well, the question should be one of your least worries. There are myriad ways of organizing demonstration speech topics.

You can only ask the above question when you have picked your topic of interest, and you are well informed of the same. That means you are less likely to go wrong in showing what you select.  Regardless, there is no harm in applying these steps in demonstrating your speech topic.

Tell the audience what you are demonstrating

This develops their desire to be with you to the end. Nothing is more appealing than having a clue of what you are tempted to invest your time learning.

Proceed with the “why” of your presentation

Informing the audience why they should learn the particular activity is as vital as choosing the given topic. In other words, knowing the benefits associated with learning a new task can motivate them even further.

Provide a brief outline of the entire process

This could also be the recipe for your demonstration speech.  Presenting an overview of the whole task provides your audience with a mental framework to hang on to as they wait for what follows. However, avoid diving too deep at this stage.

If anything, be direct to the point since some people hate complications and may opt-out as soon as they realize you provide more than what is necessary. You can use a diagram to illustrate the steps of the activity or listing prerequisites where appropriate.

Go through one step after another

This is the most vital stage of your demonstrative speech. It not only informs the “how” of doing the particular task but also tells the audience who you are as a person. One of the crucial things you could ever do when demonstrating your topic is going through the specific process in sequential order.

While you may opt to present the task uniquely, keep in mind the needs of the audience as well as to engaging them where necessary. Engagement is more than letting them take part in the process in person; you can ask them general questions that they will answer wherever they are. Regardless, remember that full engagement demands precision and accuracy. This is the only way the audience is likely to listen to you from the start to the end.

Offer alternative processes, if any

Also, an optional stage, you can provide extras to the completed list. Providing additional information allows the audience to choose what they think best fits their situation/interest in the context of the topic.

Welcome questions and comments

This forms a crucial stage of demonstrating your topic since it helps you to gauge how much your audience has understood the lesson. Answering questions and related comments allow the audience to clarify their concerns as well as add some points they believe would improve the topic.


Finally, your journey should come to an end. Summarize the process by restating the benefits associated with performing the specific task.

Demonstration speech topics ideas

Considering your unmatched skills in demonstration speeches, the challenge comes when your mind goes blank on what you should present. Confusion regarding demonstration speech topics ideas may be worsened where there are so many topics to choose. It can lead to further procrastination. However, this should never cause exhaustion.

Below are some demonstration speech topic ideas you can choose from:

  • How to revamp your old couch
  • How to organize your kitchen
  • Six ways you can arrange furniture in a small apartment
  • Three ways to break away from toxic family members
  • How to start a blog
  • How to identify counterfeit money

Good demonstration speech topics

Well, you may also think of appealing demonstration speech topics. There are over 100 ideas that will motivate you to deliver a memorable demonstrative speech. Think of these topics:

  • Improve your home by following these tips
  • 10 ways to buy a home without a mortgage
  • Use the following steps to improve your focus
  • 11 ways you can achieve your goals faster
  • Use this approach to find the best insurance policy
  • Three ways to prepare an emergency kit for outdoor adventure

Demonstration Speech Topics College

Demonstration speech-related tasks have proven capable of challenging most College students. While excelling in every field is never easy, the situation can be worsened by choosing the wrong demonstrative topics. Fortunately, these topics will give you the confidence you need to stand before your audience:

  • 11 ways to create a study time-table
  • The best way to beat procrastination
  • Six things you can do to avoid the last-minute rush
  • How to organize your term paper
  • Nine simple ways to integrate academic and social life
  • Three tips for cutting cost on campus

Easy demonstration speech topics for students

There are great easy demonstration speech topics that you can choose either for fun or to fulfill course requirements. Among these topics include:

  • How to engage in speed reading
  • The best way to complete an assignment in a group
  • How to live your college life like it is your last days on earth
  • Five ways of integrating modern technology in the classroom
  • Seven ways to develop meaningful relationships that outlive college life

Random demonstration speech topics

Well, since we are all drawn to different things, there is a sizeable number of random topics that you can demonstrate. You can start with some brilliant ideas listed below.

  • Learn how to take beer sparingly
  • Intriguing ways to spend your free time
  • Decorate your birthday cake using these ideas
  • What you should do in your late 20s
  • Use these tactics to enjoy playing golf

Unique demonstration speech topics

While there is a myriad of topics that you could demonstrate, the real deal lies in choosing a topic that is unique. Some unique demonstration speech topics you can ever try out include but not limited to:

  • 11 signs that show you need to refocus
  • 3 ways to pick calls in a formal meeting without creating unnecessary attention
  • Signs that you should follow your intuition

Demonstration speech topics food

This is an area that triggers sequences of hunger in your audience. Therefore, deciding on what topic to demonstrate is vital in articulating your ideas.

Some demonstration speech topics for food include:

  • How to make a delicious moist chocolate cake
  • Three ways to preserve food at home
  • Different types of salads and how you can best serve them
  • Outdoor cooking tips
  • Best way to prepare French cuisine
  • Why taking a glass of lemon water daily could save your life?
  • Five foods that can help you lose weight

Demonstration speech topics Reddit

As a writer, your number one concern is engaging your audience and delivering original content. Whatever your desire, Reddit offers a platform where you can nurture your skills. Some demonstration speech topics you can do about Reddit include:

  • Why humanity and discovery are two sides of the same coin
  • Why critical thinking comes in handy in life-saving situations
  • 11 horrifying creatures that would replace humans
  • Three proves that aliens are real
  • Four discoveries about eternal life
  • Why your immortality differs from your character

Demonstration speech topics funny

Should you wish to engage your audience, including keeping them laughing throughout your presentation, consider the following topics:

  • What shows you are a good pretender
  • Reasons you are still afraid of saying the three words, “I love you.”
  • Why you should never allow your man to wear skinny jeans
  • The scariest women are the 21st-century women
  • Why things will never go your way

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These tips on demonstration speech topics can give you the best grade on speech essays. Is writing a demonstration speech essay becoming tough? Buy demonstration speech essay now!

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